Property Management

Peaceful Investment with No Headache by utilizing our Property Management Services


Property Management is the single, most flexible information source for selecting applicants today. We provide online CREDIT BUREAU PLAN, offering standard Credit Reports, plus Rent Bureau Reports at great prices and exceptional service quality, a must for the Real Estate Landlords.


Home Leader Realty offers various Services such as;


  • For clients with rental properties.
  • Expert advice to help eliminate problems with tenancies in real estate investments
  • To help eliminate trips to tribunals and courthouses to process legal actions
  • To pre-qualify purchasers of real estate
  • Requesting a criminal search may ensure the safety of other residents and neighbors


Home Leader Realty provides Rent Check's report may include the following.

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tenancy Report –Rent Check
  • Credit Report from TransUnion or Equifax
  • Evictions
  • Rental account reporting
  • Tenant defaults in rent and utilities
  • Disturbing quiet enjoyment
  • Damages
  • Illegal acts involving guns and drugs
  • Grow ops
  • Up to past 15 residences
  • Employment
  • Outstanding loans, mortgage, student loans
  • Credit cards
  • Collections
  • Identity fraud detection
  • Credit scoring

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